2021 Juan Cisneros Neumann

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#Tearitdown; Fall 2018 @Unit/Pitt Projects; Vancouver


It Was Something and then It Became Something Else; January 2017 @Unit/Pitt Projects; Vancouver

"It Was Something and Then It Became Something Else” is the result of several cups of coffee and months of conversations between Juan Cisneros and Unit/Pitt curator Jamie Ward. Their interactions range from issues of politics to the stress of being a Second Class Citizen that is often invisible to the general public body. Notions of identity and heritage, colonialism and power are explored in a drawn installation made from chili peppers and beeswax, and divided by ethnic fabrics.

Artist and writer D'arcy Blake contributed with an amazing piece of writing that got published in C-Magazine in their Summer "Land" issue. You can read the article here.

Installation View:

Materials include: Cardboard cutouts, beeswax, dried chiles (ancho, guajillo and serrano), synthetic fabric, chili oil, crockpot, digital print presented in thrift store frame, carving on wall.