Something Else
January 2017, Paperback, 6 x 9; Available @Publication Studio Vancouver

August 2015, Newspaper, 11 x 15

This project was printed on a newspaper and distributed freely. The images display chairs collected from walks performed in Vancouver at the beginning of 2015. The chairs are stacked along images of varieties of corn that are indigenous to Mexico.

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Vancouver Tortilla Map
August 2015, Process book, digital

This book intends to collect various spots around Vancouver where tortillas are available, the book also covers a comparison between fast food tacos and street tacos in Mexico along an essay about the poetic motion between North American countries.

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La Mordida de Suarez
August 2014, Comic book, ink on paper and digital versions, 11 x 17 in

This short story depicts the relationship between two different generations. One restless while the other contemplative and meditative. Soccer is the excuse for this even to take place.

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